OpenWrt: WPA2 Enterprise – Client Mode


Tutorial how to set up OpenWrt in WPA2 Enterprise Client Mode

Detailed instruction:

Steps taken:
1. Removing wpad-mini package from the router
2. Downloading wpa-supplicant from
3. Copying wpa-supplicant to the router (via WinSCP)
4. Manually installing wpa-supplicant_20120910-1_ar71xx.ipk (via Putty)
5. Setting up the connection (looking for AP with strongest signal)

Programs used:
1. Chrome / to access router
2. WinSCP / to copy package to the router
3. Putty / to enter commands

Device: TP-Link TL-WR740N
Firmware: Attitude Adjustment 12.09

OpenWrt installation D-Link DIR-300 / DIR-600


D-Link: DIR-300(B1) / DIR-600(B1&B2)
OpenWrt installation via emergency interface

Detailed instruction:

– Download OpenWrt firmware from (you need squashfs-factory.bin):…
– Prepare your LAN interface by putting static IP address: (
– Before you Power on your router, connect it to the LAN card on your computer
– Press and hold reset button and symutaiosly connect your router to the power supply
– After 5 seconds, you can release reset button.
– Now type in to your browser:
– Select file (FILE) that you have downloaded before
– Click “Upload firmware NOW” (you might have to repeat this step couple of times)
– If everything is done correctly, router will reboot by itself after 90 sec
– Put back your LAN IP address to automatic
– Now type in to your browser:
– Change your default password
– Everything is set up and ready

TP-Link TL-WR740N OpenWrt installation


TP-Link TL-WR740N
OpenWrt installation: Attitude Adjustment 12.09

Before upgrading firmware, check your HW version

Detailed instructions:

– Download OpenWrt frmware from: — Attitude Adjustment 12.09 — ar71xx/ — generic/ — openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr740n-v4-squa­shfs-factory.bin
– Access TL-WR740N via /admin/admin/
– Go to “System tools”
– Then “Firmware Update”
/Before selecting firmware to upgrade, check one more time your Hardware version/
– Select downloaded file /openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr740n-v4-squ­ashfs-factory.bin/
– Press “Upgrade”
– Access your OpenWrt via and set up new password

OpenWrt: Lan to Wan, D-Link DIR-300/DIR-600


D-Link: DIR-300(B1) / DIR-600(B1&B2)
Firmware: Attitude Adjustment 12.09

Before implementing this procedure, make sure your wifi module is enabled.

U pitanju je demo verzija, za sada radi odlično.

Important (on this video):

Port 0 gets WAN function
Port 3 remain to have LAN function
Other ports will be disabled